Vastu Tips Anyone Can Use

Vastu for Everyone

These simple tips will bring the benefits of Vastu to your home or office.


Restful restorative sleep is crucial. Vastu recommends sleeping with your head to the South for deeper sleep. If this is not possible, sleep with your head to the East, or lastly to the West. Never sleep with your head in the North, because alignment with the magnetic North Pole generates sleep – interfering energies.

Keeping the Center Clear

If possible, keep the center of your rooms clear, allowing the free circulation of energy and blessings from the Divine Center to enter your dwelling. Open floor plans work best to facilitate the flow of life energy in a home or office.

Furniture Placement

Place furniture 4-6 inches from the wall, to prevent absorbing electromagnetic energies from the walls.
There is a flow of positive energy from the Northeast to Southwest. Lighter furnishings in the NE allow energy to flow into the dwelling; heavy furniture should be placed in the SW to hold this positive energy, allowing it to settle in the dwelling.

Increasing Abundance

Add a fountain in the Northeast area of your home or office to enhance success. Circulating water stimulates the flow of money in your life.

Reducing Clutter

Reduce clutter to decrease stress in your life. In Vastu, it is very important to be clutter free. Clutter acts like stagnating pools that collect and store negative energy, preventing you from moving forward in your life. Clutter makes you feel tired and clouds your thinking; it prevents the joy of free and easy movement. Clutter stops success in your life.

Directions for Working , Studying, Creating

Studies have shown if you face magnetic north while sitting at your desk, you will improve your finances. Facing east will increase your creativity. Facing south or west will hinder financial endeavors, obscure your concentration and make you tired.