The ancient art of Vastu Shastra creates greater harmony in your home and workspaces, bringing them into alignment with health, prosperity, and well-being. Mantras, Yantras, sacred art, and sacred geometry help create a home or workspace environment that reflects your values, supports your life goals, and enhances a conscious lifestyle. Like yoga for your home, Vastu makes every space a sacred space.

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The Power of Nature

Your Environment

The science of Vastu links the body (microcosm) with the universe (macrocosm). Working in alignment with nature through the 5 elements and the directions, you can achieve greater health, happiness and prosperity. 

The 5 Elements

In Balance

The 5 elements must be in balance within any structure to gain the support of Nature. Each of the 5 elements together with the directions has a specific planetary influence impacting your daily life.

an Ancient Tradition

Vastu is 7,000+ years old

Thousands of years ago Vedic scholars understood that the surrounding environment influences health and well-being. In Vastu, we regard our homes as sacred temples for body, mind and spirit.