The ancient Vedic tradition of Vastu

offers spiritual insights and practical methods for creating beautiful, harmonious living and working spaces that nourish the soul. Vastu brings success and creates sacred space through harmony with nature.

In my Vastu practice, I provide knowledge, tools and services based on the ancient environmental art and science of Vastu Shastra. I approach my Vastu practice with respect and reverence.

Since your environment impacts every aspect of your life, correcting imbalances in your environment can bring harmony, peace and success in all your endeavors. This process is known as Vastu rectification.

My Vastu rectification work transforms your surroundings and eliminates the effects of environmental stress, while improving your health, happiness and well-being.

I offer my detailed and comphrensive on site Vastu consultations throughout the SF Bay Area. I will share with you how Vastu corrected homes and work spaces protect and nourish, supporting your abundance, relationships and health. Through Vastu, our personal spaces can become our sanctuaries.

Online consultations are available and offer the same benefits. You will receive an in-depth and detailed analysis of your home or workspace, practical recommendations and Vastu adjustments that will bring about increased positive energy and productivity.

When I do a Vastu consultation with you, I visit your home or workspace and apply simple and powerful Vastu corrections to address specific imbalances, and improve positive energy flow.



Please call me

to discuss the challenges you currently experience in your environment, and the improvement you would like to manifest in your life through the implementation of Vastu principles.

At the subsequent onsite consultation,

we will implement changes through specific tools and techniques for clearing away stagnant energy. My Vastu tools for this purpose include Yantras, the original sacred geometry, and Sanskrit mantras, representations of sound. These ancient mantras and yantras are an integral part of a Vastu rectification.

Pricing for Vastu Consultations

You can use Vastu for any existing structure. Vastu is especially recommended when purchasing or renting a house, apartment, office, or lot, and when designing a home.

My consultation pricing varies according to the number of rooms and square footage.

Consultation pricing varies according to the number of rooms, square footage and size of property.

To schedule an on-site analysis of your home or office with Vastu Sacred Spaces please call me at 415-459-0888 or use this online payment form to make a payment to my Vastu Sacred Spaces account:


Online Consultations

Making simple adjustments in your environment can bring about positive changes in your life.

Using your floorplans and property lines I will provide a personalized and detailed analysis
with the recommended changes to achieve desired results.

You will receive a complete written report of imbalances and suggestions for correction
and  the necessary products required for correction.

Please contact me to discuss your online consultation.

Onsite and Online Consultations:

• Studio Apartment: $175.00 USD PayPal

• 1 to 2 Bedroom Apartment/Home $250.00 USD PayPal

• Large Home starting at $300.00 USD Paypal

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for both on-site and on-line Consultations. A Vastu consultation makes a wonderful personalized gift that offers many benefits and blessings to the recipient.


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