About Joelle St. James

Joelle St. James

My background includes years of study and meditation with Himalayan Masters. My Vastu teachers are Michael and Robin Mastro, renowned Vastu consultants, authors and founders of the American Institute of Vastu. They learned the science of Vastu from their spiritual Master, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I received my certification as a Vastu Consultant in 2007.

I am a devotee and Initiate of His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, founder of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship. He hails from the most ancient unbroken monastic lineages surviving today. He has lectured around the world as an emissary of peace, bridging spiritual traditions and sharing the universal teachings of Vedic wisdom.

My Vastu work experiences include transforming homes, workspaces, music and art studios, retail stores, and schools. When Vastu principles are introduced into an environment, sacred space is created, transforming environments into a temple for our body, which is the temple of the soul.

With my Vastu practice, I implement the ancient wisdom and power of Vastu to balance the environment by properly aligning the five elements and the eight directions, bringing harmony and abundance to homes, offices and people’s lives. When we live and work in environments that are aligned with the forces of nature, the support of the entire Universe comes rushing to our aid.


I have seen very positive changes in people’s lives; increasing prosperity, creativity, improving health, relieving stress in the home or office and supporting new opportunities. Vastu homes and workspaces protect and nourish. The sacred science of Vastu offers great wisdom and practical gifts to humanity.