Client Endorsements

lakshmi2Those who receive Vastu consultations attest to the positive changes they experience in their lives such as improved relationships, enhanced productivity, better health and financial success. When we eliminate environmental stress it brings us into balance with the life-affirming forces inherent in the universe. Vastu offers timeless knowledge that beneficially supports us to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.




I love Vastu. I was originally introduced to it by a fabulously gifted Vastu practitioner called Joelle St James whom I met while visiting California. She introduced me to the ancient philosophy of Vastu and how it is used in your environment, be that home or work, to raise the vibration. Joelle explained that essentially Vastu links the body (microcosm) with the universe (macrocosm). By working in alignment with nature through the 5 elements and the directions, Joelle believes you can achieve greater health, happiness and prosperity.
When I returned home to the UK i decided to ask for Joelle’s support in putting the Vastu principals to work in my home. Well I could not have been more surprised! With careful direction and Joelle’s kind support I set to work. I sent Joelle a plan of the house and the NSEW directions and she sent me detailed instructions. First I had to use divining rods to find any areas of Geopathic stress within my home and correct it. The divining rods would cross at certain points of geopathic stress and to my amazement after following Joelle’s instructions at these certain points, the rods stopped crossing! Therefore neutralising the geopathic stress. I then followed all the instructions which involved, amongst of things the placing of Yantras (see illustration for an example) and chanting to activate them. The house felt amazingly calm afterwards, but that was just the beginning….
Over the next few weeks it was as if the Vastu had awakened a new level of vibrational awareness within me and my home. No longer was I able to tolerate certain things that had gone largely unnoticed for years. A huge and I mean HUGE clearing of my home gradually started to happen, first it was a cupboard in the kitchen that seemed to be calling out to be sorted, then it was the cupboard under the stairs, and things I had been holding onto ‘just incase’ become like ballast I no longer needed and wanted to jettison. Then came my clothes and finally the loft and the garage. It wasn’t stressful or urgent, just a nudge and a desire from deep within me that it was time to lighten my life of the things I didn’t truly need/ love. In the end I counted 16 car loads of belongings that i dutifully took to be recycled one way or another.
It was a joyous experience of lightening my load, going through old memories and really examining what I wanted to carry with me and what I wanted to let go of.
I am glad to say that I now live in a much more clutter free, energy neutral environment that I ever thought possible! With clearing comes clarity and I am forever grateful to Joelle and her amazing gift of Vastu, it really changed my life.
You can find Joelle and her magic at:
Clare Bourke, Spiritual Healer,
London, England



I have lived with my husband and little girl overlooking a redwood forest in West Sonoma County for three years, but somehow I was never able to feel completely happy at home. As soon as Joelle Vastu-ed our home and property I immediately felt a huge relief, as if a heavy weight dropped from my shoulders. Finally I was able to take charge and honor my home properly, it has made a huge difference in the energy of the home and our family. Months afterward I can see the positive effects in even small things that happen and everything feels more fluid, she had done a lot of Vastu work clearing energy and reworking the property lines for increased prosperity.
The Vastu work our family did with Joelle has been a very transforming experience, it amazes me how powerful this ancient science is and I really hope more people will decide to use this wonderful tool to create increased inner peace and beauty in their environments.”

~ Elvira Didoni
Marali Creations

I was introduced to Vastu Shastra by Joelle when I was having challenging health issues. She helped me to create a healing altar; she worked with orienting my sleep and work areas for improved energetic alignment, and eliminated the geopathic stress in these areas. I felt an immediate sense of blessedness and protection in my living environment, and I began to move forward in my healing processes. Joelle has a natural gift for working with individuals to create beauty and a sense of peace in their living environment.”

~ Jane Simmons, RN

Joelle’s incredible care and nurturing energy made my place feel so welcome. She is very joyful and passionate about her work. While she was working I could feel the energy of my space shifting, clearing, and becoming energized. The effects of the work have been beautiful. After we made the prosperity altar, I began to have more clients and increased income. Things in my life started flowing better, creating lots of positive transformation in my home and life.”

~ Arasia Norton, Massage Therapist

Joelle brings her spirit of personal style and professionalism to every assignment, which results in an environment that is relaxing, peaceful and loving. As a client, I’ve noticed numerous energy shifts in my home as well as my life. I’m experiencing more restful sleep, my creativity and abundance flow more smoothly and I am enjoying being at home.”

~ Dinah DeSpenza, Independent Filmmaker

We felt an immediate shift in the energy in our home and followed Joelle’s suggestions as to furniture placement and clearing clutter. Our home feels more comfortable, serene and peaceful. Joelle worked with us to create a healing altar and we had immediate results in the improvement of our health. Robert noticed that he was not retaining water, a heart congestion problem. Joelle also helped us set up a Prosperity altar which immediately brought us unexpected income. We cannot recommend Joelle and her Vastu work enough; she made a real difference in our lives.”

~ Alice and Robert Larson, Artist and Poet

My husband I have been working with Joelle for the past year to Vastu our home, our property and my office space.
Each time she enters our house and sprinkles her Vastu fairy dust furniture moves, clutter disappears, things become organized as if by magic. Everything feels lighter! It’s as if her energy clearing and house blessing Vastu tools call out the best of our home. Our home feels calmer and we all seem to have found our “spaces” where we can do our best work, play and rest. I can’t even begin to list the changes my husband and I have experienced since we began this process a year ago. After Vastu-ing his music studio and creating a prosperity alter for his music, he is attracting incredible people and opportunities. After Vastuing his office he decided to change careers into something that is more aligned and will make him happier and more prosperous. And as for me, I have carved a lovely healing space for myself and my work, attracting new clients from around the globe who are wanting me to create spiritual healing journeys with them. Opportunities are happening so fast I don’t even have time to take advantage of them all!”

~ Laura Gates, Leadership Training and Seminars

I am considered a highly intuitive person, but somehow after ten years in my apartment I just could not get the layout right in my husband’s domain (aka the second bedroom), nor in the main living area. I was gifted with a visit by a feng shui expert who had decades of training and whose suggestions were implemented, but nothing seemed to change the energy in the house. I just could not get the place to feel right and things just didn’t flow in so many ways.
During the past year, Joelle has been working with our home in San Francisco to assist in aligning the energies. I understand that this is a process, and there are many details to still be tended to as the energy unfolds and our prosperity continues to increase. The rooms have been rearranged in ways I would never have thought to arrange them. Mirrors have been moved, old possessions bravely yet easily discarded or given away. Little by little – and sometimes in big, bold ways – the energy has so shifted in here. People I would not expect to comment say “it feels really good in here.” And it does – it feels good in here. I love love love having Joelle come and make adjustments and suggestions, and in between visits I find myself just shedding old clothing, beloved unneeded books, files thick with papers that just take up space. This Vastu is super powerful stuff, and at the same time so gentle and easy. Little by little, with Joelle’s kind assistance and expertise, the space is just opening up for all the new good stuff to come in.”

~ Virginia Giblin, Assistant to Director, Research Institute



Energy Orbs after Vastu Rectification

Energy Orbs after Vastu Rectification


Above is an example of energy orbs that were visable in the environment several months after one of my Vastu Consultations. In this photo you will see orbs, balls of light that manifest wherever there is positive energy. Please notice the one especially large orb in the upper left corner, beneath the Vastu Purusha Yantra for The Divine Center. This is a clear indication that Vastu attracts, maintains, and sustains higher spiritual vibrations in an environment over time.