Vastu and Sleep

The rising Sun is nourishing and beneficial for our health. The Sun is the most powerful influence on our planet.

Sleeping with your head to the East, the direction of the 
Sun, is the best direction for calming, restorative sleep. The direction East is symbolic of the life force,new beginnings, healing, and Enlightenment.

Sleeping South is very good and recommended for recovery from illness or surgery.

Sleeping West is not beneficial and sleeping North is not advised.

The neurons of the thalamus, deep within the brain, are direction sensitive and transmit at different rates when we face different directions.

In a study done by a neurophysician at a University, lab animals were put in narrow cages to sleep. Half of the animals were sleeping with their heads to the North, the other half sleeping with their heads to the East.

In the morning, he took blood samples from them to measure stress hormones secreted by the limbic system which is controlled by the thalamus. Stress hormones make the body work harder and can cause it to fail in time.

Animals sleeping East had reduced levels of stress hormone in their blood stream, animals sleeping in the North had elevated levels of stress hormones in their blood.

It was observed that the animals who slept with heads to the East were peaceful and the animals made to sleep to the North fought with each other.

A physician heard about this study and decided to do a survey of her patients. She discovered that the patients who slept North had the worst mental health, the most depression and anxiety. The patients who slept East were sleeping better, were more relaxed and alert during the day.

Sleeping with your head in the East is a very easy way to improve your life, and gain the benefits of the energies from the East. Please try this and experience a positive shift from this one simple change in your environment.

Vastu is a great gift and blessing from the ancient Rishi’s of India. I truly believe that implementing the principles of Vastu in our lives and environments will benefit everyone in living a more peaceful, harmonious and fulfilling way.

Posted by Joelle St. James

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