A Reverence for Nature

Vastu recognizes that our dwellings should reflect the rhythm of the universe and our connection to all of nature.

The beauty of nature in the home creates a peaceful and nurturing environment, calming to the senses and the spirit. A deep reverence and respect for nature is fundamental to Vastu, the first green science.

Ancient Vedic scholars realized that living, breathing plants are very beneficial and improve the air quality inside the home, promoting clear thinking. Healthy green plants have the power to improve concentration, increase productivity, reduce blood pressure and lower stress.

A Vastu environment includes many natural materials for the interior décor, including wood, stone, glass (made from sand) and natural fibers. In this way, we are honoring our connection to nature, making it an integral part of our environment.

Vastu’s ancient scholars believed that external peace impacts internal peace. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Vedic scholars understood that the surrounding environment influences health. Through the principles of Vastu, these sages created a design science to help restore balance and well being by creating a healthy and soothing home environment, allowing an unobstructed flow of invigorating energy.

Posted by Joelle St. James

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