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Your Home Is Your Temple

In Vastu, our home is considered as the temple of your body and your body as the temple of your soul.

We want our homes and workspaces to reinforce positive thoughts.

When decorating your environment, be conscious of your choice of objects and pictures because they can profoundly affect the vibration and atmosphere of a room.

Scenes and paintings depicting spirituality, nature’s splendor, and images of human happiness are ideal. We can absorb the harmony and inspiration that radiates out from positive images, raising the vibration in your home or workspace.

According to the science of Vastu, images portraying devastation, war and sadness are best avoided. When we look at those images, their negativity can interfere with our wellbeing. It is best to consider the emotions that an image stirs within you before you decide to incorporate it into your environment.

Both Vastu and modern physics agree that all physical objects have an electro-magnetic field surrounding them and these fields will influence people and other objects in their vicinity. Displaying objects that stand for violence, such as swords, guns, knives etc. release negative energy into the room and are best avoided.

We can create sacred space for ourselves in our homes and workspaces following the principles of Vastu.

Posted by Joelle St. James

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