The Power of Color in Vastu

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The Power of Color in Vastu

Color is always impacting our lives. We know how color influences us, from the choice of colors we wear, the colors we decorate our homes, to the radiant colors of nature. Our color choices can improve our state of mind or physical well being because different colors stimulate different types of energy in the body and mind.

Radiation from the sun is composed of seven colors and electromagnetic rays. The colors contain electrical rays, radio waves, infrared waves, ultraviolet waves, and gamma rays. Each has a specific influence on our health and well being.

White includes all colors and has a purifying and healing quality that is beneficial in any room. When used in the northeast and east, it will expand the positive energies coming from these directions.

Violet is a calming and soothing color and is the highest vibration in the color spectrum. A light shade of violet in your meditation area will support your spiritual practice.

Indigo represents the depth of consciousness and can be used as an accent in the meditation area.

Blue stimulates the experience of inner truth and spiritual creativity, it has a calming effect on the nervous system. Blue is a good color for the bedroom as it decreases the blood and respiratory rate. Use blue in the west or northwest areas of a room for inspiration and peace of mind. Blue can be used as an accent color thru pillows, bedspread or drapes.

Green is the predominant color in nature, inspiring balance, harmony, abundance of life, and healing. Green can be used in the study to stimulate learning. Adding green plants to your office or study supports growth and prosperity. The color green in best in the north area of a home or workspace.

Yellow stimulates restful intellect, communication and concentration. A light shade of yellow in the master bedroom enhances and improves relationships. Due to its many positive qualities, yellow can be used through out the home or office and is most beneficial in the north east, east, southeast, south or southwest.

Orange brings happiness and is a social color that stimulates optimism, it works well in any room used for social gatherings. As a warm color, orange works well in the southern area of a home or office. You can use orange as an accent color by placing a bowl of oranges on the dining room table.

Red stimulates physiology and creates qualities of strength, courage and steadfastness. Use it as an accent to stimulate the appetite, with a bowl of red apples on the table or kitchen counter. Too much red can create aggressiveness and is not recommended for children’s rooms.

The rainbow symbolizes all possibilities. Hanging a crystal in a window where light shines thru, brings beauty and wonder into your environment, offering the radiant blessing of the color spectrum into your environment,

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