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Vastu has many practical benefits when its principles are applied in our everyday life.

Recently, a young mother with twins had her babies sleeping during the daytime in their rocking sleepers with the top of their heads in the north. The babies fussed and woke up often during their frequent naptimes and needed to be rocked and comforted back to sleep and did not sleep without interruption.

In Vastu, your head is considered the north pole of your body and when you sleep with your head in the same direction as the earth’s magnetic north pole, the two poles behave like magnets, they repel each other and interfere with your sleep.

When the babies were moved to another room for their daytime naps, their heads did not face north, and they slept much more soundly thru their naps, often the whole three hours, sleeping like a baby! There is such a sweet energy emanating from sleeping babies, so peaceful and tranquil.

The babies were sleeping southwest in this room, the direction for the earth element. The southwest is a very good direction for sleeping as the energies of the earth element are gained in this direction. It is particularly beneficial for older people who will gain the restorative energies of the earth element as they are sleeping.

If you are sleeping north and cannot change the direction of your bed, you can turn your body around and put your head to the south, a good direction for sleeping. It may sound odd, but it has worked for people and they have much better sleep and improved health with just this simple shift of sleeping direction.

Vastu is a great gift and blessing from the ancient Rishi’s of India. I truly believe that implementing the principles of Vastu in our lives and environments will benefit everyone in living a more peaceful, harmonious and fulfilling way.

Posted by Joelle St. James

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