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Vastu and the Effect of Smart Meters:

When balancing an environment using Vastu, there are many factors to be considered, such as the influence of the planets, and how they are represented in the structure, the electro-magnetic energies and how geopathic stress is affecting the environment and the inhabitants.

In my Vastu practice I always recommend that people remove smart meters, as they are causing tremendous geopathic stress and affecting the health of the residents. I have seen places with twelve smart meters lined up behind the wall of a bedroom in an apartment building. I did my Vastu corrections for the home and strongly recommended that they should do whatever they could to have the smart meters removed, and to not spend time in that area of the house if they can help it until the meters are removed.

Detrimental environmental imbalances affect our physiology and can result in chronic illnesses. There are many sources of information regarding the effect of smart meters on our health. One resource is where you learn how Smart Meters affect your health, how to have them removed from your home and to protest the Smart Meter program.

You can opt out of the Smart Meter program by calling PG&E at 1-866-743-0263 and request they put a safe analog meter back on your home.

From an excellent article written by Jeremy Johnson about smart meters in Common Ground, April 2014:
“As many people in California have done, do not consent to pay the opt-out fees. The legality of the fees has not even been determined by the California Public Utilities Commission. Paying to keep your health and rights can be called extortion. Send PG&E a registered letter telling them you do not consent to this change of terms in your contract with them, and will not pay any fees for keeping your analog meter. There are letter templates at

We can encourage our neighbors to opt out. This will create a community that is free of smart meter radiation and electrical pollution. Throughout California entire communities are smart meter-free, and 57 local governments have adopted ordinances against smart meters. Many buildings in the Bay Area have had all of their tenants opt out together. Organize this for your buildings or community.

Attend or host a screening of “Take Back Your Power.” Watch the film online or on DVD, visit Subscribe to their newsletter to join the global movement to ban and recall smart meters. That is the ultimate solution for this ill-conceived program.”

I hope this information will prove to be useful. I am including this information due to the proliferation of smart meters I come across in my Vastu practice. This article will hopefully help people to make this important change in their environment to protect the health and well-being of their loved ones. Please share with anyone who may have smart meters in the environment at home or at work.

Vastu is India’s ancient art and science of design, architecture and sacred space. Of primary importance is living in harmony with nature and having a balanced, conscious environment through the implementation of the guiding principles of Vastu.

Another option is to learn about Marin Clean Energy and how they are having an impact on greenhouse emissions and climate change. They are addressing climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions thru renewable energy supply. Their electricity is supplied from clean renewable sources such as solar, wind, bio-energy, geothermal and hydro. Marin Clean Energy’s goal is a better future for all things living on this planet. This is also, from a Vastu perspective, helping balance the five elements in our climate, earth, air, water, fire and cosmic radiaions. This is Vastu in action on a very large scale.

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