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Aligns us with Nature

Vastu allows us to enjoy and benefit from Nature’s abundant support. Vastu supports harmonious relationships. Vastu creates financial stability. Vastu enhances career advancement. Let’s talk! I offer a Free Phone Consultation

Your Environment

Your Environment The science of Vastu links the body (microcosm) with the universe (macrocosm). Working in alignment with nature through the 5 elements and the directions, you can achieve greater health, happiness and prosperity. I am happy to offer a free phone consultation. Let’s talk!

Creating Balance

Vitality and Harmonious Living and Working Environments Through Vastu Vastu is India’s timeless tradition of design, architecture, and sacred space that aligns us with the forces of nature. Let’s talk! I offer a Free Phone Consultation


Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Wired World

Vastu and the Effect of Smart Meters: When balancing an environment using Vastu, there are many factors to be considered, such as the influence of the planets, and how they are represented in the structure, the electro-magnetic energies and how geopathic stress is affecting the environment and the inhabitants. In my Vastu practice I always