Sacred Geometry in Vastu

Yantras and Mantras and Their Impact on Your Environment

The sages of ancient India developed a sacred technology that has the ability to effect energetic transformation in an environment. The ancient practice of the art and science of Vastu utilizes Mantras and Yantras to balance the five elements and bring harmony to the environment. Vastu utilizes sacred symbols, Yantras, to impact your environment in specific and dramatically beneficial ways.


A Yantra is an ancient geometric design that is encoded with sacred sounds called Mantras, that includes the vibrations of the five elements. Used for thousands of years, these transformational devices hold cosmic energy and transmit powerful frequencies. They can be used on altars, hung on walls, and carried for protection and blessings.

Your environment, when properly balanced and aligned, is like a Yantra, vibrating with energetic forces that create supportive and nurturing opportunities. The placement of Yantras, the geometric shapes of these powerful Mantras, is an ancient tool of Vastu that is extremely effective in restoring harmony and prosperity in your environment. Creating environmental balance is similar to the work that an acupuncturist does, in that allows blocked energy to flow freely.

Yantras representing the planetary deities, carry within them an alchemical formula that has the power to create change in the environment. These Yantras communicate their balancing through sacred geometry. They broadcast precise vibrations that manifest balance within a structure. In this way, Yantras energetically correct whatever may be compromising your home or office and preventing it from supporting your life.

Each of the directions is associated with a specific planet and corresponding deity. When you use the appropriate Planetary Yantra in the direction that it enhances, the Yantra balances any defect within the area. Placing each of these Yantras in its proper location in an environment creates a powerful synergy, akin to beautiful symphonic harmonies.

The history of Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, Jewish and Indian cultures reveals that Yantras have been found carved in early stone monuments, hidden within historical paintings, situated in ancient temples and placed throughout sacred scriptural texts.

Yantras broadcast precise vibrations that manifest balance within a structure. Placing each of these yantras in its proper location in your environment creates a powerful synergy. In this way, yantras energetically correct whatever may be compromising your home or office and preventing it from supporting your life.

The Mantra is an audible sound associated with the Yantra, Habitual repetition of a Mantra can be very effective if its intention is to elevate the consciousness and to connect to a deeper place of peace and happiness within. Mantras subtly move energy through vibratory frequencies. Thus, sound has a powerful influence and affects not only our emotions but also our environment. A Mantra is a spoken form of prayer. Mantras stimulate the environment, infusing it with blessings. The sound of Mantras resonate in the environment long after they are spoken, sung or chanted, They attract and balance the five elements within your body and environment.

The late Hans Jenny, a Swiss doctor, artist, and researcher, invented an apparatus called a tonoscope that converts sounds into forms. When a person pronounces the Mantra OM into the tonoscope's microphone, it will create a form on the membrane of the instrument. Using this device, one may see that the geometric form of OM consists of various triangles in specific patterns inside a circle, resulting in the Yantra known as the Shree Yantra.