Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Wired World

Lord Ganesha and Vastu: Ganesha, the elephant headed deity, is worshipped first in any Hindu ritual and before the start of any new undertakings. His name is invoked at the beginning of each event, in worship, when the foundation stone is laid for a building, and when the first step is taken on a journey,

Vastu and Sleep

The rising Sun is nourishing and beneficial for our health. The Sun is the most powerful influence on our planet. Sleeping with your head to the East, the direction of the Sun, is the best direction for calming, restorative sleep. The direction East is symbolic of the life force,new beginnings, healing, and Enlightenment. Sleeping South is

Tips for Increasing Prosperity With VastAncient Wisdom for a Modern Wired World

Vastu Shastra, Vastu meaning building and Shastra meaning science or teaching, is the ancient mystical art and science that comes from the Vedic tradition of India and is thousands of years old. It is a sister science to yoga, meditation, Jyotish astrology and ayurvedic healing. Increasing AbundanceAdd a fountain in the Northeast area of your

A Reverence for Nature

Vastu recognizes that our dwellings should reflect the rhythm of the universe and our connection to all of nature. The beauty of nature in the home creates a peaceful and nurturing environment, calming to the senses and the spirit. A deep reverence and respect for nature is fundamental to Vastu, the first green science. Ancient

The Power of Color in Vastu

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wired World The Power of Color in Vastu Color is always impacting our lives. We know how color influences us, from the choice of colors we wear, the colors we decorate our homes, to the radiant colors of nature. Our color choices can improve our state of mind or physical


Vastu Tips Anyone Can Use

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Wired World: Spiritual Housecleaning. Reducing Clutter. In Vastu, it is very important to be clutter free. It is difficult to cultivate inner peace and harmony if our surroundings are cluttered and chaotic. A neat and clean home can actually lower Cortisol levels. Clearing clutter is a proven therapy for creating

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Wired World

Your Home Is Your Temple In Vastu, our home is considered as the temple of your body and your body as the temple of your soul. We want our homes and workspaces to reinforce positive thoughts. When decorating your environment, be conscious of your choice of objects and pictures because they can profoundly affect the


Home, Sweet Home

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Wired World: Home, Sweet Home | May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter and every window open to possibility. As the body is the temple of the soul, the Vastu home or workplace honors the temple of the body. The Vastu home becomes the temple that honors

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