Tips for Increasing Prosperity With VastAncient Wisdom for a Modern Wired World

Vastu Shastra, Vastu meaning building and Shastra meaning science or teaching, is the ancient mystical art and science that comes from the Vedic tradition of India and is thousands of years old. It is a sister science to yoga, meditation, Jyotish astrology and ayurvedic healing.

Increasing Abundance
Add a fountain in the Northeast area of your home or office to enhance success. Circulating water stimulates the flow of money in your life.

Reducing Clutter
Reduce clutter to decrease stress in your life. In Vastu, it is very important to be clutter-free. Clutter acts like stagnating pools that collect and store negative energy, preventing you from moving forward in your life. Clutter makes you feel tired and clouds your thinking; it prevents the joy of free and easy movement. Clutter has the effect of stopping success in your life, as the mind responds to a cluttered environment with disorganized thinking and poor decisions.

Directions for Working, Studying and Creating
Studies have shown if you face magnetic north while sitting at your desk, you will improve your finances. Facing east will increase your creativity. Facing south or west will hinder financial endeavors, obscure your concentration and make you tired.

Vastu reduces stress in an environment, increases productivity, promotes better health, harmonious relationships, improved finances and creativity by applying ancient principles of positive energy flow.

When you honor the spirit of a building with the principles of Vastu, the result is greater health, prosperity and happiness for all who enter.

Posted by Joelle St. James

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