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Spiritual Housecleaning.

Reducing Clutter.

In Vastu, it is very important to be clutter free. It is difficult to cultivate inner peace and harmony if our surroundings are cluttered and chaotic. A neat and clean home can actually lower Cortisol levels.

Clearing clutter is a proven therapy for creating change in your life and decreasing stress in your life. Clutter acts like stagnating pools that collect and store negative energy, preventing you from moving forward in your life; it prevents the joy of free and easy movement. By clearing clutter from your home, all areas of your life flow more easily.

In Vastu, each direction is associated with an element. The northeast is represented by the water element, and influences financial growth. The southeast corresponds to the fire element, stimulating the energy of financial success and recognition. The southwest is connected to the earth element, which supports and stabilizes prosperity. The northwest is associated with the air element is the realm of successful, clear communication, enhancing finances and relationships. The center of your environment represents the space element, which influences the success of all your endeavors.

You can see that clutter in any of these areas will affect that area of your life in a negative manner, blocking success in your endeavors.

By clearing clutter and allowing your environment to breathe and flow, you will discover it is easier to create your dreams. You have prepared for your new reality.

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Image: Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Beauty, Grace, Prosperity and Love.

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